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Property owners are required by Illinois law to ensure with a high degree of confidence that legal visitors are safe. This includes clearing hazards, providing safe means of ingress and egress, maintaining property grounds and providing reasonable response to unexpected or changing situations such as a fire.

The premises liability attorneys at Ginzkey & Molchin work to establish the legal duty a property owner had to the injured party and how the negligence of the owner resulted in the injury.

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Most Common Premises Liability Cases:

  • Uneven surfaces or stairwells
  • Poor lighting
  • Dog bites
  • Damaged or missing railings
  • Chemical fumes
  • Slip, trip, and fall
  • Fire
  • Drowning/pool accidents incidents
  • Inadequate security
  • Elevator malfunction
  • Icy or hazardous stairs, parking lot, or retail aisle

Who Can Be Sued for Premises Liability?

Anyone involved in the negligent maintenance of a property that displayed negligence, leading
to an injury. This can include:

  • Property owner
  • The party renting/leasing the property
  • The party legally occupying the property

What Must Be Proved for A Successful Premises Liability Claim?

  • The property owner was aware of a danger or hazard
  • No action, or unreasonable action was taken by the owner
  • An injury was suffered due to the hazard

Helping Premises Liability Victims for Over 40 Years

Since our practice opened in Ginzkey & Molchin has made sure that property owners are held accountable for property negligence that resulted in injury. This includes clients who received six to seven figure settlements.

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