6 Common Causes of Wrongful Death Cases

It’s tragic when a wrongful death claims the life of a family member. When these accidents occur, the repercussions have a significant emotional impact and long-term financial implications on grieving families.

Unfortunately, incidents of wrongful death happen much more frequently than you might think. At Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC, our experienced Illinois attorneys have successfully represented clients in many different types of wrongful death cases. The following are the most prevalent that occur:

Auto Accidents: The chief cause of wrongful death is car accidents.

When a person gets behind the wheel they have a responsibility to operate their vehicle safely. Distracted drivers, such as someone texting on their cellphone, or drunk, impaired drivers can be held legally and civilly liable for injury or damages caused by their actions. It’s also important to note that in Illinois, a tavern or restaurant is legally liable if an employee sells alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person who subsequently causes an accident that leads to injuries or death.

Medical Malpractice: If medical malpractice leads to a person’s death, the surviving family members have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Medical professionals are required to provide a correct, standard level of care to patients. Incorrect diagnoses, surgical errors, improper prescriptions, or other types of negligent treatment can trigger a wrongful death claim.

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Motorcycle Accidents: To bring a wrongful death claim in a motorcycle accident, there must be a negligent party other than the deceased motorcyclist. In most of these situations, another motorist who acted carelessly and caused the accident is at fault. However, the negligent party can also be a government entity or business. Bad road surface conditions, improperly functioning traffic signals, and even situations where poorly maintained public utilities such as pipes or wires can contribute to these fatal accidents.

Commercial Trucking Accidents: These cases are complex and require extensive investigations because they often involve multiple vehicles and different insurance companies. Liable parties range from the truck driver to the owner of the cab and trailer to the maintenance company. In addition to collisions, many accidents are caused by unsecured loads or parts falling off of a truck, or defects with the truck caused by improper inspection or maintenance that contribute to an accident.

Workplace Accidents: Fatal work accidents occur in many different ways, but the most at risk are people who work on construction sites, factories, or chemical plants. But these unfortunate incidents can happen in any workplace. When an employee dies on the job due to unsafe conditions, defective equipment, and many other scenarios, the responsible parties are expansive. They may include employers, coworkers, device or equipment manufacturers, or even the employees themselves. In addition to civil liabilities, investigations often lead to criminal penalties and fines.

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Product Liability: Products that are poorly designed or assembled can create lethal situations where wrongful death occurs. Product liability cases cover a wide range of injuries caused by defective auto parts, household appliance defects, dangerous equipment, tools in the workplace, and more. From a marketing standpoint, manufacturers are also negligent when they fail to provide adequate safety instructions or warnings about known dangers associated with their products.

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