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Product LiabilityManufacturers and drug companies are expected to make products that are safe for their intended purposes. Unfortunately, people are injured every day by products that are defective. The attorneys at Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC help clients in Bloomington and throughout Illinois recover compensation for injuries they’ve suffered.

James P. Ginzkey and Chase T. Molchin offer clients the experience and resources developed from over 40 years of courtroom work on product liability cases ranging from dangerous drugs to mechanical failures. They maintain a database of 1,500 doctors, engineers and other specialists they have worked with over the last 40 years. With his skill at preparing a case and their success at trial, Jim Ginzkey has the background you need to hold those responsible for your injury liable for their actions.

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Drug and Medical Device Product Liability Attorneys

Attorneys Jim Ginzkey and Chase T. Molchin understand that companies that develop and manufacture drugs and medical devices have a responsibility to produce reasonably safe medications and products for consumers. Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC has handled numerous product liability cases involving defective drugs and medical devices. They know that finding the actual cause of injury is the toughest issue. Often, patients are at risk for many problems a drug can cause, making these types of liability cases extremely difficult to prove. Jim Ginzkey and Chase Molchin have the experience and access to resources to handle cases involving:

These types of product liability cases tend to be more complex and individual in nature. Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC offers the hands-on experience and meticulous preparation needed to take on big pharmaceutical and medical device companies for the injury or wrongful death they may have caused to unsuspecting victims.

Mechanical Product Failures

Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC represents people with product liability cases involving injury from defective auto parts, household appliance defects, dangerous equipment or tools in the workplace, and more. They have also represented clients with negligence cases where manufacturers fail to provide adequate safety instructions or warnings about known dangers associated with their products. Whether it’s design flaws in a bucket truck or manufacturing defects in dock levelers, proving fault is where the attorneys of Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC’s knowledge, skills and resources have been successful in bringing negligent manufacturers to justice on behalf of many grateful clients.

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