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Industrial AccidentIf you have sustained a concussion, or injury as of a result of an industrial accident, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer, which will give you some financial relief from medical bills and lost wages. However, it is also a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney after an industrial accident.

Depending on the circumstances, another person or company may have partial legal responsibility for your injuries and you may be able to seek additional compensation outside of your workers’ compensation benefits. For example, the industrial accident may have been caused by a piece of equipment that was designed or manufactured with a defect. Alternatively, a person who does not work for the same company you work for may have caused the accident. In either of those circumstances, you could have a valid claim for a personal injury lawsuit against the other person or the company that designed or manufactured the equipment. These lawsuits are commonly referred to as “third-party lawsuits.”

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The attorneys at Ginzkey & Molchin, LLC have more than 40 years’ experience representing injured people in personal injury lawsuits arising out of a wide variety of accidents, including industrial accidents. Some of our clients have been employees at wind farms, workers on loading docks, construction site workers and employees of landscaping companies.

Our law firm thoroughly investigates industrial accident cases on behalf of our injured clients, reviewing medical records and accident reports, and consulting with medical and industrial experts. We will give you a thorough and straightforward evaluation of your potential legal claim, and we will provide aggressive representation in our fight for a fair financial settlement or jury award.

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