These Common Mistakes will
Derail your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are complex because an individual’s actions following an accident can have as much of an impact on the outcome of their case as circumstances surrounding the accident itself.

Read on to learn some of the most common mistakes that will undermine your personal injury case and contact Bloomington, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers at Ginzkey Law Office for help today.

Not seeking legal representation: Personal injury cases are built on evidence, legal knowledge, and the art of negotiation. Deciding not to engage the services of an attorney puts you at an immediate disadvantage. There are specific legal filing deadlines, detailed paperwork and interactions with insurance companies that need to be carefully managed. Without legal representation, you may recover less that you deserve or even jeopardize any settlement at all. Waiting too long to seek representation can also be detrimental to your case because critical deadlines and the opportunity to gather important evidence may be missed.

Careless social media posts: Probably the best course of action when it comes to social media is to avoid posting entirely when you have a personal injury claim. Taking out your frustration with the legal process on Facebook or Instagram posts that may imply your health status is different from what is claimed in your case are potentially damaging. Remember, things you say or post on social media platforms may be admissible in court.

Waiting to seek medical treatment: Failing to see a doctor following an accident where you’ve been injured can adversely impact your case from the beginning. If you’re in pain at the scene of an accident don’t tough it out, go to the hospital. If you begin to feel pain or soreness in the days following an accident, which is not uncommon, see a medical professional right away. This is important because it starts you on the road to recovery sooner and it also gets any injuries stemming from the accident documented on your medical record.

Ignoring medical advice: It’s always a good idea to follow a physician’s advice, but when it comes to a personal injury case keep in mind that your actions are under a microscope. Whether it’s keeping appointments, active participation in physical therapy or following through on referrals to specialists it all becomes part of your medical record. Failing to follow a healthcare provider’s advice can give the insurance company clear evidence to show your recovery was impacted by your own inaction.

Not being a team player: Your attorneys need you to work with them to ensure your case has the best possible outcome. The legal team may request receipts related to healthcare costs and ask you to compile specific financial and medical records. Preparation for court appearances or depositions is also important. If you aren’t part of the process, your case will suffer. Remember we are on the same team working towards a successful result.

Signing documents or making statements without attorney input: What might seem like an innocuous form or question from the insurance company investigating your injury claim, may actually have a huge impact on your claim. Always consult your attorney before signing anything or providing any other information. Fine print and the legal implications of your statements can weigh heavily in the outcome of your case.

Accepting the initial settlement offer: Once the groundwork has been laid for your case, the next step generally involves the defendant and their insurance company contacting you with a settlement offer. This is where your attorney’s expertise in negotiating is invaluable. That’s because the first offer is merely a starting point and often much less than you deserve. Experienced attorneys know the real cost of the financial loss and injuries you’ve suffered. It’s their job to make sure your case results in a fair settlement that covers your present needs and potential needs in the future.

Don’t try to walk this road alone. Ginzkey Law Offices work around the clock supporting injured people. They know the next step to take, each step of the way. If you are in the Bloomington, Illinois area and have been injured as the result of someone else’s actions, contact Ginzkey Law Offices and begin building your strong claim today.





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