Avoid Making these 3 Costly Mistakes
after a Car Accident

car accidentYou’ve been in a car accident. It’s the last thing you wanted or expected. While you can’t go back in time, you can act now to protect your health and money.

When you’re in a car accident, your first concern is your health and safety. Your brain kicks in immediately to convince yourself that you’re alright, even if you’re not alright.

Pursuing your case with a Bloomington, Illinois Personal Injury Attorney provides you expert advice along the way. And what you do immediately after the car accident can make your case easier, or more difficult.

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You need your energy for healing and recovery, not paperwork and worry. While you just want to get back to your life, keep reading. Your next moves matter.

Be careful not to make these 3 Mistakes after a Car Accident that make the road to recovery longer and more expensive.

Waiting too long to contact a car accident attorney

When you have been injured in a car accident you have a limited time to file a claim. This time limit is not a magic number you learn in Driver’s Ed. The amount of time to file varies depending on your type of injuries and the jurisdiction in which you file a claim.

Because of this, be sure to seek medical attention immediately. If you’re not visibly injured, resist the urge to go home and attempt to get on with your life. Car accident injuries often don’t immediately present themselves. Particularly back and spine injuries can show up later and be debilitating.

Visit the doctor right away for a complete exam. Medical professionals can assess you for injuries that you may not have noticed, or the rush of adrenaline masks. A Bloomington Personal Injury Lawyer can help you with each step of this process. Ginzkey Law Firm’s experienced attorneys will advise you on precisely what steps to take, which records to keep during each part of the process, and how and when to file a claim.

Sending Other Party’s Insurance Company Your Medical Bills

Insurance companies can sit on those bills and let them go to a collection agency causing you increased financial stress.

Also, there may be better insurance coverage available for you to use. You have rights and benefits available to you that insurance companies will not explain or disclose. Working with a lawyer ensures you will receive expert advice about your coverage and financial benefits. You don’t need to suffer further consequences for someone else’s actions.

Giving Doctor and Hospital the names of your car insurance company and other party’s car insurance company

You may want to give medical professionals and hospital administrators any and all information. But resist this urge. Consult with your attorney first and don’t give out insurance information until you’re directed to do so. Handling these transactions by yourself will cost you more money.

The reasons are complicated. And while medical providers are usually acting in your best interest, they are not trained in personal injury law. You have to insure medical providers are submitting claims promptly and properly and your Personal Injury Lawyer will handle this role for you.

Don’t Go It Alone

Mike was in his car when a school bus rear-ended him. He felt overwhelmed by what had happened and his mind kept repeating, “I can’t afford to go to the hospital. I can’t afford a new car.” As he rode off in the ambulance, he knew he needed more than medical help.

“When I met with my personal injury lawyer, he assured me that he would guide me through this journey. I wouldn’t be alone. The best thing I did was contact a lawyer for help right away. If I’d waited any longer, I know everything would’ve been different, both with my injuries and my money.”

The attorneys at Ginzkey Law are trained and ready to support you after an accident. These Bloomington, Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers dedicate their work to protecting your rights- rights you may not even know you have. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, reach out TODAY, and avoid making mistakes that will cost you more.

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