Dangerous Drugs


Dangerous Drugs

Drug companies have a legal responsibility to make sure their products are safe for human use. Drug manufacturers have a legal duty to warn potential users - usually through a doctor, pharmacist or warning labels on each bottle - of any potentially adverse side effects. A prescription drug recall may be ordered when problems appear on a large scale.

When prescription drug errors occur, the injured person may have a legal claim against the drug manufacturer, and possibly against the prescribing doctor or pharmacist as well. These errors can occur if the doctor prescribes the wrong medication, prescribes a medicine the patient is allergic to, or gives improper dosing instructions. They can also be the fault of a pharmacist or nurse who administers the drug incorrectly or administers the wrong drug altogether.

Lawsuits Based on Dangerous Prescription or Over-the-Counter Drugs

The Bloomington, Illinois, personal injury attorneys at Ginzkey Law Office have more than 30 years' experience successfully representing injured people throughout Illinois. Our law office has handled a wide variety of lawsuits involving dangerous prescription drugs.

Attorneys Jim Ginzkey and Dawn Duggan and their staff have a proven track record obtaining full and fair settlements on behalf of people injured by dangerous prescription drugs. See our list of recent cases for more information.

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We handle all dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis; this means that we do not accept any attorneys' fees unless and until our client receives a settlement or jury award.

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